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New Delhi Municipal Council has collaborated with KVIC to make a Charkha Monument on the park above Palika Parking, opposite the Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan in Connaught Place. National Museum of Charkha was inaugrated on 21st May, 2017. This Museum is a window to the great heritage of Indian Chakha, embodying the philosophy of self-reliance. NDMC has installed a 26-ft-long(about 8 meters) Charkha. It is 13 feet(about 4 meters) high and weighs around 5 tonnes. This charkha, the biggest in the world, is made of high quality stainless steel and is installed over an open platform area of 9 meter(about 30 ft) long and 6 meter wide. It is build in such a way so as to withstand all weather conditions, such as, sun, rain, fog/mist, wind, hail storm etc. The grand weather-proof monument celbrates the continued importance of Charkha as a symbol of Nationalism.

The Charkha Museum depitcs the history and evolution of Charkha, from a humble instrument to a symbol of Nationalism, freedom movement, and empowerment of the individual citizen by weaving Swadeshi cloth.

Today, it again resonates the message of self-suffciency and inspires for "Make in India"by acquiring real skills.

The Museum showcases 14 vintage Charkha models and demonstrates the jouney from "kapaas" to "yarn" to "Khadi cloth". The Museum also showcases the Charkha used by Honourable Prime Minister Modi Jee to spun Khadi in Ludhiana where he distributed 500 Charkhas to the women of Punjab.

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